Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Solestruck's Puppy Ad Is Quite Possibly The Cutest, Least-Annoying Ad Ever

HOW could I just possibly go ahead and DELETE this McCuterspie ad from Solestruck? It utilizes the naturalistic collage style -- graphic design types, is there an actual name for this, because I just made that up. It was huge in the '80s, as seen here on the game board of Girl Talk... ... And that kinda treatment always reminds me of the inside of the Grease record album. Anyway, the Solestruck ad also struck me (har) because it employs one of my favorite '80s bubbly fonts AND a cute smooshy, wrinkly widdle puppy. Well done, Solestruck! I know I clicked!

And if you do, here are three pairs I'd click to buy! And you can't turn your nose up at free shipping, which they offer on the regulado, 24/7-ness.

($94.95, Betseyville, Solestruck)
I like how they're sorta '90s riot grrrl meets YSL.

($139, Madison Harding, Solestruck)
I SO can't do a wedge, but perhaps you can?

($99.95, Hunter, Solestruck)
Hardestcore splishy-sploshy rain boot cuteness. These Hunters also come in olive green and black with red detailing. Here, lemme show you, 'kay?

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