Thursday, February 19, 2009

Accidental Marc By Marc Jacobs Gem Ring Purchase

You know how like if you're trying to diet (zzzzzzzzzzz), and you totally deprive yourself and deprive yourself and then suddenly you go effing bonkers and eat like four pizzas in 14 seconds while standing over the sink? And then you scrape the cheese goo off the box top? And then you eat the box? Right, so well that's what's been happening lately since I've been trying not to buy stuff. My attempts to hold back have totally backfired, and I've been going on binges to the effing XXXXXTREEEEME. The plus side: some of the things I've ordered online haven't fit, so I've returned them but still fulfilled the urge to hit the "buy" button, as my friend put in.

Anyway, one thing I HOPE fits is this Marc By Marc Jacobs Abstract Gem ring I randomly bought, for a song!, last night on Zappos:
($55.80, Marc By Marc Jacobs,

Also great in black:

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