Thursday, February 19, 2009

Awesome Fashion Week Spotting: Tarina Tarantino At Richie Rich!

I went to the Richie Rich show tonight -- beyond fun, duh -- and among the celebs and drag kings (Murray Hill!) and queens (Lady Bunny! Amanda Lepore! Pam Anderson!) there, I spotted Tarina Tarantino -- the bright-pink hair tipped me off.

Because starfucking is really sorta unbecoming and offputting, I'm usually not the first person to run up to someone. But I do think it's important to support the people whose work you truly admire (especially when it's someone who's made a name for themselves but isn't on a Marc Jacobs/ mob scene level or something), and I sorta suspected she'd be cool... and... SHE TOTALLY was. (Always a relief when that happens, and as a result, I'm smiling like a fangirl in the pic! Oh well.) I told her about FashionBinge and how I was a huge fan of her jewelry, and she told me how much she loves bloggers and all of their support, and -- then I nearly crapped -- she complimented me on my outfit and jewelry and was like "I love everything you have going on here" but in SUCH not a B.S.y sceney "HollywoodLABLAHBLAHFashionWeekloveyoumeanitnotreally" way. Tarina -- thanks for being you (read: awes!) and for making adorbsly fun jewelry that I always want all of.

(Case you were wondering -- I was wearing my Tuleste Market necklace, a black plastic heart strand necklace that I got at H&M a billion years ago, and a very '80s diamond-shaped mirrored purple gem brooch that I made -- it COMPLETELY looks like Marc By Marc Jacobs, except it cost me like 14 cents. Hee!)


futurelint said...

yay! you look adorable! boy do I wish I could pull off her hair though!

Tamron Lohan said...

thanks Xtine! :)

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