Monday, October 29, 2007

Jewels: Big, Bold, Funky, Chunky

Ok. I actually hate the word "funky" in almost any and all circumstances (when Melora in "Ghost World" uses it, that pretty much sums up everything I hate about it and the people who use it a lot), but it rhymed with "chunky, " so fuck it.

Anyway, so, seeing "that blue and black Marni necklace" EVERYWHERE, (Behindbigglasses tried to make their own! Respek!) I can't help but want that a billion other big-ass pieces -- primarily necklaces -- of stone, wood, leather, Perspex, Lucite and any or all combos of mixed materials therein. Viva la statement pieces!

And so, my obsession begins:
($972, Marni,
Alas, just a wee bit out of my price range.

($730, Marni)
Pure beauty. Love the grey.

Jewelry designer Ligia Dias basically rules. She's barely 30 and she's already designed jewelry for Lanvin, and she's collaborated with Comme des Garçons and Phillip Lim. Good luck getting your hands on her stuff though, unless you live near a Holt Renfrew or are in a position to drop by Dover Street Market or Colette on your way home from work. Refinery29 also did a piece on her. Sigh and swoon.

($695, Erickson Beamon,
You really don't need more than a solid tank top with a necklace like this. Well, that and pants.

($477, Erickson Beamon,
Ok, so this is a little wack, but so is BEING BORING.

($240, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen,
So speaking of boring, this bow necklace would be nothing spesh if it were made of plastic, but it's made of LEATHER which makes it way more amazing and unexpected. And amazing.

($48, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
Love this Marc By Marc Jacobs ring...

($58, Marc By Marc Jacobs,
But not as much as I love this Marc By Marc Jacobs tortoiseshell '80s pin. I've been craving this fucker for a fortnight.

Link($55, Createdestroyrebuild,
This stuff is allegedly for the menfolks, but whatevs. Strong enough for a man, rad enough for the ladies, I say! And check out the Gameboy/girl. Tee!

Cute widdle ghosty!

Cute -- AND made from reclaimed billboard vinyl! Wee!

($80, Isharya)
Loves. Fin!


The Clothes Horse said...

amazing jewelry, I like how it's eccentric and different. The last ring (turquoise?) is perfection.

WendyB said...

Liking the leather. And big jewelry in general.

Jessica said...

i LOVE THESE necklaces!! I can't believe you found so many quirky pieces. Those were favorite thing from the marni show.

come by the shiny squirrel we just launched some great new pieces!

bigglassesgirl said...

I love Ligia Dias!

ambika said...

Hmm, I think I have a similar aversion to the word 'chunky' (tho 'funky' is pretty close.) Maybe because of the 'blowing chunks' expression?

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