Wednesday, February 04, 2009

FashionBinge Giveaway: Win A Porcelain Postcup By Bailey Doesn't Bark

Okay, aside from the fact that many of us an agree that Valentine's Day is a cheeseball holiday designed to make us feel ridick or inferior or not fancy enough or too bloated from eating too many Whitman's sampler chocolates (it's so sad, but I truly will eat those muted pink spongy, nougaty-on-the-inside ones that at one point in the creative process were supposed to embody characteristics of a strawberry or cherry or something), we CAN agree that Bailey Doesn't Bark's ceramic Postcups are:

a.) Adorable
b.) Reusable - YEY!
b2.) Personalizable

Enter to win a Postcup! Think of it as FashionBinge's Valentine to sweet little deserving you. Designer Re Jin Lee will personalize one lucky winner's Postcup with a message of your choosing. I suggest "To: ME. Thanks for being AWESOME. Love, Me!"

Enter to win below! You've got through February 10th! (And, my apologies to the potential winner -- the prizey probably won't get there in time for V Day -- Mama been busy! So think of it as a belated present! Plus, it won't go bad, like those shameful Whitman's chocolates... which actually probably never go bad because of all of those mystery chemicals. Ew.)

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