Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Blog Alert: Sassy Things!

Well hello there. When you're not SUPER busy reading FashionBinge, because I knowyou devote a lot of your time to that, you should be checking out Sassy Things, which is a new blog created by my sweetest friend Courtney, who is a sassy thing herself. She's hilarious, straight up, and has an eagle eye for style. She also loves makeup to a fairly unhealthy extent (no shame there), and tells me to fix my face when I'm making scowly, silly faces, which I do a lot. Oh yeah, we also share a love of cute Fred Flare objects, fun jewelry, candy-colored heels and many, many other things material and necessary. Welcome Sassy Things, won't you? She can also turn out some teal, purple, magenta and other eyeshadow shades -- those that make my pasty, blanched self look like the victim of a special effects class gone horribly awry -- like she hasn't a care in the world.
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