Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2009 Apparel & Handbag Preview!

Just got back from preview of Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2009 apparel relaunch. Lots of black skinny jeans, porkpie hats, bright red-orange lips, and old-school Wayfarers reminiscent of 1960s Dylan. It all had a bit of a Cali vibe but more Silverlake than Venice Beach, you know? Definitely a cool, subtle femmey takes on menswear with a little '80s mixed in. Check out some of the pix I took (but do forgive my horrendo photog skills which I wouldn't call skills actually) -- my favorite is the asymmetrical leather zipper skirt, which I'd wear in a hot second.
Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the Rebecca Minkoff trunk show at Bendels.

(Some dudeface's arm got in the way. Sorry!)

PS: Check out the INCREYIBLAY Neon Morning After Bag I'm borrowing for Fashion Week:
Want it? (Me too!) It's $635 at
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