Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Comes Around Goes Around Super Sale Online And In-Store!

Y'awl! One of my favorite NYC boutiques -- What Comes Around Goes -- around is having a sale. So go do it to it. I went last time and my duder got some GREAT stuff -- there was excellent ladies' stuff too. He just happened to find some good, soft tees. Shop in the store: 13-17 Laight Street NY until February 24, or take 20% off at through Sunday February 16 with promo code "VALENTINE."

BTW, that very Mad Men cropped leopard "Garbo" jacket I wrote about back in September of ought-8... used to be $495? It's $200 now, but you can get it for $160 with that promo code. HURRY, doves!
(What Comes Around Goes Around)

OH: PS, happy Valentine's Day! I got a subscription to In Touch! FTW!
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