Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bridal Binge, Shoe Edition, Vol. 2

As I look and look for the perfect weddin' shoe (see volume 1, wherein I bemoan the price of the perfect shoe), the shoe craving grows stronger.

Botkier "Elena" ruffle sandal, $445. This could've been a wedding contender (if not for the price): the perfect shade of teal! And yet maybe a little boxy...but LOVE that ruffle.

These are also possibly in my wedding colors, but possibly too wacky even for me:

Betseyville "Pabla" sandal, $114.95.

I'm sorta leaning toward agreeing with Tamar, who posted this one some time ago as a possible cute-ass wedding shoe:

Melissa Anglomania Plus Melissa Lady Dragon in Metallic White rubber slingback, $149. Nothing says "lifetime commitment" like technologically engineered thermoplastic, right?

I seem to have a hankering in my heart, when I look at wedding shoes, for red ones. But red isn't among my wedding colors. Maybe I can make it so? As an accent with teal and aqua? Say I can! Then I can get these, maybe:

Poetic Licence "Frills" sandal, $115.95. Check out the soles!

Or these:

Delman "Sema" sandal, $160.99 (and only in size 7).

Or these:

Nina "Camaren" knotted-toe slingback, $79.95.

Or these:

Luichiny "Duchess" sandal, $69.95, although I don't care for the mirrored heel.

Uh, you get the drift. And I haven't even *looked* at Zappos yet! Questions, advice, catty remarks?


WendyB said...

I love that first pair in teal. Great color and style.

Tamron Lohan said...

NO mirrored heel on your wedding day! unless you're pamela anderson. who, actually, owns those Melissa shoes, I believe, so maybe you CAN be pamela anderson on your wedding day.

Sarah Von said...

Rubber shoe = awesome shoe.

Kristy said...

yuck on the crinkly patent on the first pair!!! don't get married in crinkly patent :(

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Hmm, didn't really notice the crinkle. You'd think for four hundred plus bucks they'd be able to iron that shit out!

Meredith Dishaw said...

Wear whatever color shoes you want! I'm getting married on Saturday in red and pink Kate Spades (not in my wedding colors either). Good luck and have fun (and clearly, I strongly support the red choice).

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Thanks Meredith, and congratulations/good luck/have fun on Saturday!

Eileen said...

I know this isn't fun advice, but I would avoid anything with a stiletto-type heel since you are getting married outside. You will be constantly getting stuck in the grass as your heels sink down.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Well, someone had to say it. I might walk down the aisle in ballet flats and wear heels for pictures/reception/etc. Then ballet flats for late night, probably.

Laura said...

You can totally add red to a teal and aqua color scheme. They look hot together.

For example:

Tamron Lohan said...

Laura: I TOTALLY agree. i LOVE teal and red almost as much as i love grey and yellow. AND purple and orange. AHHH the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

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