Friday, March 20, 2009

Edressme's White Sale and Reception-Dress Dreams

So my dreams of a reception costume change continue to pop up, despite having The Dress. Perhaps I can change just prior to the afterparty? Not least because of edressme's Simply White sale, which knocks 20% off their white dresses, of which they have a bunch. Some of them unfortunately look like Mandee's rejects, the stuff of spandex nightmares, but here are my picks:

Kirribilla "Deirdre" minidress, on sale for $272. Those sleeves are amazing, and sharp shoulders are totally in!

Another cute offering from Kirribilla, the "Selene" dress, $316, with gorgeous ruffled collar, and bonus: pockets!

This ecoskin Ecoskin dress, $116, is floaty but fitted: a perfect combo. And while it's not much of a party dress, I suppose, it would be just so chic for a trip to the courthouse.

That's it for things I like from edressme, but look at what I found at asos:

Miss Milne Layered Frill Sleeve Dress, $91.22. I always LOVE tiered dresses and then they look like crap on me, though. Maybe this one would be different, because it has a waist tie??

Whaddaya think, peanut gallery?


Tamron Lohan said...

NO to the asos dress!!! you can't even FIND the waist on that thing. NO. the third one down - DEF!!!!!! omfg w some gold or silver shoes? it'd own. that second one reminds me too much of shakespeare.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

HAAAA, Shakespeare! Like the clit comment on the ring, the image is now writ permanently upon my mind.

Robo said...

The Kirribilla one (the first one) is the best. The Asos one would only suit someone with a boyish, straight frame. Or if it only had tiers on the bottom. Keep an eye on Asos though...they tend to get super awesome stuff regularly. Not that I'm biased or anything.

Lisa said...

I love, love, love the Kirribilla "Deirdre" (the first one) My future hubby and I are going to City Hall and that's my dress with some amazing shoes! It looks FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

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