Friday, March 20, 2009

Size 2 Non-Traditional Wedding Dress? Done! (Also, Please Don't Starve Yourself Down To A Size 2, Okay?)

($270, Jay Godfrey,
Size 2? Sweet! Check this Jay Godfrey white silk dress that could easily double as a pretty little white dress (LWD) for you super teensy non-traditional wedding dress-seeking brides. (Only available in size 2, sadly.) Anyway, it's perfs for a beach wedding. The bow is like "Hi! I'm a bridaly present!" Oh, and speaking of brides and wedding dresses and being a size 2 -- I'm not a size 2! And it's ok! I'm not gonna be a size 2. Ever. Especially not for my wedding. So please, guys, don't hop on the bridal bulimia train or do some crazy juice fasts or whatever to slim down for four seconds only to gain it all back teh second a delicious crab cake touches your desperate lips. Lift some weights or whatever, but don't forget to eat food, okay? Otherwise you could pass out at best, get really fucking sick at worst. You kinda need to keep eating food! Bonus: It's delicious!

Better idea: The Garth Brooks Juice Diet!
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