Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ettika Bracelets: Bold! Bright! Stacked!

You thought that subhed was about me, right? You're half right. So, speaking of fun, you know what's more fun than having one of something? Having like seven or eight of something. Which is why you need to get your... um, wrist... on not one, not two, but many many many braided satin cord bracelets by L.A. designers Ettika (Ettie and Joey Rafaeli).

You can customize the bracelet you want -- choose from pastels, florescents, and rainbow variations. AND, you can pick your own cute little 18-karat gold-dipped or silver charms. I love the seahorse, the wishbone and the little skull and crossbones, and I'm all for the mix-and-matchiness of wearing pastels and neons together. Why not? Also, careful buyer recession-spending note: each end of each bracelet is reinforced, so no worries about them falling off/ apart.

Each braided Ettika charm bracelet is $24, the satin cord wrap bracelets with one charm are $20, and the braided wrap bracelets are $70.

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