Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hippity Hop -- Roos Return!

Anyone remember KangaRoos shoes? As in Roos? With the little secret pocket? SURELY you had a pair of the Velcro ones with the little zippy pocket back in the day? (I did. I think they were suede fuchsia... or maybe I'm thinking of my Punk Brewster sneakers, which were EVERY color, including fuschia.) Currently, these are some of my very favorite sneakers -- Roos Full Court hi-tops. Do NOT even LOL. Or whatever, LOL all you want, but they're extremely comfy and they look great with skinny jeans and a longer tee. Seriously. They're about $69 at Zappos, but for some reason, I can't find them on Zappos at this moment in our lives. Will research and report back in kind. UPDATE: Zappos should have them April 1st! Until then, check them out on the Norwegian Kangaroos site, so you at least know they do exist and that I didn't make them up. But if you have any sneaker streak in you, get these. I've already run through one pair and may need to reup. You should too.

And check out SneakerFreaker for info on KangaRoos' Walter Payton-inspired hi-tops.
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