Friday, March 20, 2009

Peacock Prom Dress DISASTER!

($500, Jovani,
I've put it out there before that I LOVE peacock ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Peacock dresses, earrings, tops, whatever. But this "peacock prom dress" is an egregious affront on my senses. If I were a peacock, I'd be highly offended. Also, I love how it's not returnable. Um, because clearly they DON'T want this piece of peacock shit back. Also, my prom was like a MILLION years ago, and also, I didn't go, but I'm PRETTY sure that while there had to have been some regrettable picks, NO ONE would've showed up in this overly literally interpretation of one of nature's most beautiful feathered creature.

+ More prom dress messes.


Sal said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Tamron.

Anonymous said...

i almost bought that dress thank you.

and apparently you have horrible tastes,
hence you never went to you own damn prom.
couldn't get a date i suppose because you were wearing truly obnoxious clothes i bet.

you said it yourself,
a million years ago.
enough said.
times have fucking changed.
get over yourself.


Andreína González said...

I Love this dress!!

Anonymous said...

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lauren.love657 said...

I'm not even gonna lie , I agree & I love peacocks . I'm even looking for a peacock dress , but that thing is over the top & ridiculous . There's way too much going on , and it's overprinted .
Furthermore , it's extremely rude to rant and rave because someone gave their opinion . It's even ruder to insult them because you disagree . Nobody even asked what you did or didn't think . In all honesty , if you didn't like the review , you should have just left the sight . Being rude and obnoxious gets you nowhere .
I thought the review was straightforward and honest , not to mention extremely helpful .
&& by the way , does anyone know where to find a nice peacock gown that's not overly ridiculous & semi inexpensive ? (:

Tshona said...

LOVE this dress! It is SO beautiful!

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