Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Jumpers Under $100!

Hey guess what. I FREAKING HATE hot weather.

What I'm trying to say is, check out 10 really cute jumpers that flatter lots of body types (also, can I just say, I HATE the term "bodycon." It's dumb. Please stop saying it) AND cost less than $100! Also, why do they call them jumpers? Playsuits? Whatever. I just wanna spend all of the days between now and October laying around in airconditioning and wishing I lived in John Ritter's apartment in Three's Company.

($93.78, Totem,
L-L-L-Love the lips!

HORSES? On a JUMPER? Could America GET any better?

I am thisclose to buying this.

One of my favey things about jumpers: they're thisclose to being pajamas.

($97, Fluxus,
This one would be so cute with a tiny tank underneath. A tank of YOUR CHOOSING! You can just DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!

($98, Gestuz,
Your garden variety harem-style jumper. No big whoop.

So it's technically a dress, but whatevs. It's late.

($39, Lulus)
Fun! Picnicky!

($69, Sass & Bide,
Mmmm. Love me some elastic waistband!

($88, Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan, Urban Outfitters)
The sorta-fancy, dress-up-for-work yachting jumper. For your business meetings. On a boat.

Night night!


Sal said...

I can't believe it. I actually LIKE the ASOS one. I never thought I'd see the day ...

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Love them all...but especially the giant LIPS :)The harem-style ones aren't bad either...

Grayburn said...

I'm wanting another...good finds!

x Grayburn

ambika said...

Wow, I like some of these. & I honestly thought I'd never say that about a romper/jumper/playsuit.

Lani said...

the last jumper from steven alan x urban outfitters is on clearance at a lot of store locations (east village, midtown, etc) for like $20-30 if i remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

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