Monday, May 04, 2009

Chloé High-Waisted Cotton Shorts: Really?

Are we really doing this? Not the high-waisted cotton shorts themselves. I really don't have a problem with those. I don't even have a problem with shorts. When it's 19392 degrees, shorts and sweat are gonna happen. And hopefully air conditioning. But I do have a problem with the fact that these cotton Chloe shorts are $1,635. Were they crafted by the paws of animated, singing little mice? And where in the world is the economic climate warm enough to afford luxuries such as $1,635 cotton shorts? Actually, $1,635 cotton shorts aren't a luxury... they're asinine.
($1,635, Chloe,

... Meanwhile, back in Reality Ville, where I live and you do too probably, here are some viable alternatives to $1,635 cotton shorts.

($157, Wood Wood,
Well hello! Almost the exact same shorts for like a tenth of the price... or whatever you do in math class.

($198, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bergdorf Goodman)
Super cute high-waisted shorts. I'd wear these on the regulado.

($22.80, Forever 21)
Thanks, Forever 21/ 30. Always there in a pinch.


Victoria said...

I completely agree about the Chloe shorts--they are horribly overpriced! But I really love the pictures that you posted! They are really cute and look comfortable! I especially think the Forever 21 shorts are to-die for it seems to embody that "African Safari" feel to it. I like to blog about fashion shows, so I'm familiar with what has recently been showing. The "safari" vibe reminds me of some of the looks that Ungaro showed for Spring 2009. If you change your mind about shorts, you can always opt for a cool, shirt dress! Here is what I'm talking about:,0,28

Amber said...

Oh wow. Haha, at that price they better be handsewn by the rare animated mouse. Although they are COMPLETELY adorable, possibly -.3% of the population could afford them.
Did you see my latest shoot? I have some high-waisted pleated pink cummerbund shorts that would fit this bill perfectly, but I'd probably only charge $42! Let me know if you're interested! You can find them here:
(last photo).

Anonymous said...

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