Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Bought It Files: Cute, Cheap Forever 21 Stuff

Just got paid, so what better way to spend my hard-earned money than on disposable fast fashions at Forever 21, nu?

($19.80, Forever 21)
Cute tribal print dress that isn't TOO tribal-y or tent-y.

($14.80, Forever 21)
Cute sleeveless leopard print top. As I type this, I just looked down and realized I'm wearing ALMOST the exact same shirt. Um, whoops. Oh well. It's a good layering piece.

($54, Forever 21)
I actually DID have the presence of mind to remember that I own not one but TWO grey jackets, so I didn't buy this cropped grey jacket (must... resist!!!), but it's certainly adorbs! Check out the detail -- black safety pins!
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