Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Binge Beauty: MAC's Secret Crush See-Through Lip Stain Is Your Summer Crush

($14, MAC)
I will be totally straight-up honest with you. When I first received MAC's "Secret Crush" See-Through Lip Color (top shade), from the Rose Romance collection, I was like WTF? I had so many questions, like... "Why is this so tiny?" ... And... "Why it all gelatinous?" Then I put it on... And was all "Ew. Gross... What's on TV?"

... And I almost wrote it off. And then I inadvertantly taught myself an important lesson in patience. And that lesson is that patience IS important. Because See-Through Lip Color is an OUTSTANDING beauty summer product. First of all, a teeeeeensy weeeeensy little bit goes a LONG way (recession-friendly!). Also, it stays on for FOREVER, and not in that nasty-ass crusty chemically way. If you're the type of idiot who wears lipstick to the beach, make this one it.

It also has a lovely cooling property, and as someone who's always BOILING, I so appreciate that, especially in the summer, when I'm boiling x3. And it's so light that you'll have to check your mirror to cure yourself of "I can't believe I'm not wearing product" disbelief. Secret Crush = perfect summer shade -- it's a sweet little hint of color that stays on with zero gross goo. It's also an A+ way to do the red-lip trend I'm seeing so much of without committing to actual red lips in the summer, which is kinda gross and difficult, you know?

Anyway, yay, patience! Now go get MAC Secret Crush, and make it your summer crush.
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