Saturday, June 06, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair: Back With a Vengeance (And Lots of Cute Stuff!)

For a while today at the Renegade Craft Fair I started to think I might not even buy anything. T-shirts, yeah; jewelry, uh-huh; tote bags, mhmmm. But once I broke the seal, as it were, it was smooth consumerist sailing. I mean, smooth support-the-independent-artist sailing. And it certainly feels good to do that. My haul:

I couldn't stop myself from buying this Survive Design tote, in a vibrant hot pink with green straps and a fun flowers-and-robots design. Great, sturdy construction + a pocket inside + kinda underpriced for the quality at $30 = love. I used this to stash all my purchases as I made my way around the fair.

I was so psyched to run into my friend Julie, the proprietress of Bow & Arrow. She designs and prints beautiful letterpress cards, of which I bought several to have on hand and which are also sold in Anthropologie (major score!).

Yeah, I kinda went a little card crazy. I also got a fabulous card for someone's wedding (who *might* read this blog, not sure) from Sycamore Street Press. Really funny (and beautiful) stuff.

I laughed my ass off in the Blue Barnhouse booth. So many hilarious cards. I went with the one above, which set me back $5. Pretty sure the recipient will enjoy.

They were sharing space with Power and Light Press. Tamron, I think you should get this for Rory.

Also really funny: Mean Cards. I know this has nothing to do with fashion, by the way. Get used to it!

I also couldn't resist the sweet smells and cute painted-cardboard packaging of the soaps from Biggs & Featherbelle. Major deals at the fair -- I got six soaps for $20 instead of $4.49 each. That's like two free soaps! I win!

Finally, I knew I would have to get a new mousepad from My Favorite Mirror since mine looks like someone ground the contents of an ashtray into it with a spatula. I thought about some of the squirrel ones, but decided to go with something a little scarier (not that squirrels aren't, in real life, TERRIFYING).

Oh, and I also got some cuters magnets (a carrot and a bunch of asparagus) but I managed not to pick up a card from them so oh well. Wait, I found a bookmark in my wallet! The cute magnets are from My Zoetrope.

The Renegade Craft Fair continues in McCarren Park tomorrow, and it was a lovely, sunny, breezy, not-too-hot (a.k.a. PERFECT) day. I recommend giving yourself a couple of hours and getting a thing of watermelon (or an ice cream cone) if you get weary.
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