Saturday, June 06, 2009

Big, Chunky Necklaces, Big Bills

Yeah, that header was a stretch. Whatevz. Love these big-ass chunky necklaces. And by the way, I'm STILL on a quest to find that elusive, indescribable neon necklace! HALP PLEEZ!!1

($318, Issy Salomon,
I love the hi/low combo here -- hot pink punked-out Lucite mixed with more upscale-y glass beads and rhinestones. By the way, I have an awesome Issy Salomon necklace that I bought at Edge NY in Soho (go check it out -- it's like the Young Designer's Market) from Issy himself, who's extremely nice. I'm such a Lucite whore.

($200, Nicole Romano,
This one's got a sweet, sorta post-apocalyptic vibe to it.

($350, Givenchy, Macy's)
Stand-out piece frm Givenchy's Neon Collection, available at select Macy's. A total Deco dream
in crystal and hematite.

Okay, so WHAT would you wear with these statement necklaces? NOTHING! JK, whores. How about either a really simple black dress, OR a grey dress, since it's ALWAYS the new-new black. Like so?

($35, Lulu's)

($158, Karoo, Bluefly)
Sweet color-blocked cashmere!

... And, as promised, "Big Bills." See? Full circle, people. Full circle.


Neira said...

that bluefly sweater dress is so pretty, now i cant wait till fall!

Robo said...

There's a necklace like the yellow Givenchy one at Forever21, of all places. It also comes in hot pink.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a piece online somwhere featuring plastic/rubber neon, collar style necklaces. And I cant for the life of me remember! Its driving me crazy and everytime i have checked your blog I try to remember what I was looking at!

Anonymous said...

I did find this...but probably not what you're looking for!

Anonymous said...

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