Friday, July 24, 2009

Binge Lust: Tarina Tarantino Electric KoolAid Bib Necklace + Tarina Tarantino In-Store Event In NYC Saturday July 25

($740, Tarina Tarantino)
I fully endorse EVERY single piece of Tarina Tarantino's Electric Kool-Aid collection, but her bib necklace is the standout. This piece is like tasting every color of the rainbow -- like doing acid, minus the nasty flashblacks and 40-pound spiders crawling up your face! Win!

Oh yeah, and check out her subtle but stunning, wedding-worthy 1930s Art Deco Lucite drop earrings, which come in a handful of flavors. If they matched my wedding dress, I'd absolutely wear these day ofs.

($55, Tarina Tarantino)

ALSO, if you're in NYC, stop by the Soho store TOMORROW -- Saturday, July, 25 for Tarina's book signing!

FINALLY, THANK YOU, Sparkle Factory, for the FashionBinge shoutout! RAWX!

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