Saturday, July 04, 2009

Topshop's Answer To The Michael Jackson Jacket!

After my unfortunate stumble upon that tie dye/ airbrushed jeans monstrosity from Topshop earlier this week, my faith was restored when I discovered what I'm POSITIVE is Topshop's updated take on the classic red 1980s Michael Jackson jacket.

($160, Topshop)
Actually, it kinda looks more like Liza Minnelli jacket, but let's not be picky.

+ More sequin jackets I love.

Oh yeah, I saw on the "news" that Michael Jackson had an all-sequin bedspread. Vom. Also, I had a cornflower blue all-poly fake MJ jacket back in the day, haters. And I went to Israel when I was little and my parents bought me this peach-colored shirt with Michael on it. It was DOPE on a ROPE and I WISH I had an adult-sized one now. Boo.
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