Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Awesome Wedding Ring Alert: Avindy

Check up on these gorgeous rings I found by mother-daughter jewelry design duo Avindy. They'd both make super unusual wedding rings, and, even more unusual, they're both under $400. Yes, really.

($310, Avindy, Havensonline.com)
I always love the hammered metal -- this ring's also available in white gold, which I'm sure is really gorgeous.

($375, Avindy.com)
This ring's a twelve-diamond (so I'm assuming it goes halfway around, which is perfect for the recession, because who even sees the back of your hand? You don't NEED diamonds there!), and it's pave. Perfect starter ring.

ALSO, sorry for the lack of postage lately -- Me and Cat's been BRIDALING up a STORM, literally -- I was at an AWESOME wedding in the Finger Lakes, where it RAINED like woah, cleared up for 30 minutes, leaving just enough time for the bride and groom to do the damn thing, and then the second they kissed, there was a huge clap of thunder -- the heavens approved! Then, of course, it poured again, and there was a gorgeous rainbow. NICE WORK, R&D! AAAANNNND, Cat's OWN wedding is like FOUR SECONDS AWAY! GAHHH!

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