Monday, August 24, 2009


Meet the NEW Mrs! Cat done got HITCHED UP! Here we are doing make-upy things during the cocktail hour, where everyone looked like someone out of The Great Gatsby, (minus the greedy bummer-ness of that book). It was an emotional roller coaster, and an absolute blast. Cat looked phenomenal and magically married -- if you will -- FOUR fun pieces that totally should not have gone together but did so perfectly! (Dress, fun hair poof, vintage lace necklace and THE Melissa x Vivienne Westwood heart-toe shoes.) Seriously, Cat should quit her day job and become a stylist for girls who want to look cool and gorgeous and not ZZZZZZ on their wedding day. Everything fit together perfectly... just like the bride and groom.

More fun to come. Cat's off to Paris, and I'm off... to bed! Bon soir!


Solo said...

Thanks for sharing. Ok time for you to rest, have a great day ahead. ;D

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Sal said...

Woo hoo! Congrats Cat!

Laura said...

Please, please tell me where that hair pouf came from.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

The hair pouf came from Artikal, a hat designer in NYC. You can go to her studio and look at all her stuff and buy direct from her either in person or online, or you can pay a huge, huge markup at Kleinfeld's. Love her stuff:

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