Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rebecca Taylor Cutout Bootie I Am Totally Trying Very Hard Not To Buy Right Now

For WEEKS now I've been trying DESPERATELY not to buy these SWEEEEET-ass Rebecca Taylor perforated platinum boots. They're leaving a perforated spot in my heart.

($239, Rebecca Taylor,

Also, two things: FIRST OF ALL, my totes apologiezorbots for not BLOGGING more. I've been straight blogging my DECK off at Le Job, and ALSO, CATHERINE IS GETTING MARRIED in like 72 HOURS! EEEE! So we've been bridal/bridesmaiding up a storm. Speaking of STORMS, let's hope it does not RAIN, so please do an anti-rain dance for Saturday, kay?

BTW, I'll wearing these Fornarina Daisy heels, except in silver. I got them on Yoox for $28. Not kidding here.

OKAY, so the other thing I was going to share was that today I accidentally closed Firefox and lost probably over 40 tabs I'd been collecting for like MONTHS. Devastating computational mishap! It didn't even warn me or anything. I'm basically like one of those people on that show Hoarders with the way I squirrel away links. Ugh. So sad. Don't let careless computer use happen to you.

1 comment:

Anna, aka "ShoeSmitten" said...

Gawd those Rebecca Taylor boots are FAB! Now I'm dying for them! LOL

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