Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Tournaire Engagement Rings

Check out these brand-new super-architectural (obviously), thoroughly modern-paradoxically-ancient-accented engagement rings by Phillipe Tournaire. They're inspired by the first-ever engagement rings from the Merovingian dynasty, which sounds cool because no one cut their hair.

And instead of a bloody bloody blood diamond, you get the loaded-with symbolic structural imagery of a united couple's new home and family. They're 18K gold, and if you simply MUST have a diamond, you can do that too. They start at $1,100, which isn't so bad for a really cool alt- engagement ring, you know? Jews, you should dig it too because they've got a very Jerusalem/ Havdallah spice box vibe too. And if you just like trends (guilty), the second ring is basically a glorified pyramid stud. Win!
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