Friday, September 04, 2009

Oh Yes I Most Certainly Did: High-Heeled Doc Martens. Thanks, Stacy London!

Here's the story of how I endured effing BRUTAL foot pain, Tweeted with Stacy London (!!!), and re-fell-in-love with Doc Martens this week... Back in Januaire I wrote about some cherry-red high-heeled Doc Martens. Recently I stumbled upon them again, if you will, and impulsively bought them online. (Impulsively, of course. How else do you buy cherry-red Docs?) I then had the THRILL OF MY LITTLE LIFE when I Tweeted with STACY LONDON on my work Twitter account, and she TWEETED ME BACK, and a discussion about the cherry Docs ENSUED!

Stacy said: @MTVBuzzworthy Wood heeled Docs??? Perhaps something less heavy?

I Tweeted something about how I promised I'd return them if they were a total fright, and if they looked too Ronald McDonaldy, they'd go back faster than you can say McRib.

Stacy said: @MTVBuzzworthy They ARE a total fright and Ronald McDonald is NOT a fashion icon. Send. Them. Back.

I Tweeted back something pouty along the lines of "but, but, but..."

@MTVBuzzworthy No pouting. THIS is THE season for awesome boots!

Anyway, I thought about it, and they DID seem like they had a really good chance of being Ronaldy. So I COMPROMISED (with Stacy and myself) and got them in black. And GUESS WHAT! THEY FUCKING RULE!

($130, Doc Martens,
I must say though, the first 10 minutes I had these on, these fuckers were SO painful (breaking in pointe shoes?) I thought I was gonna end up in the foot pain ward of the ER. What a pussy move. And I refused to let that happen, despite the fact that one of my favorite lines from Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion was quickly becoming my reality. I hobbled into the CVS down the street and busted into some Dr. Scholl's gooey whatevs pads which saved me from the aforementioned indignity. That, the realization I wasn't dying, and a little patience, and I rejoined the land of the living.

The Darcie Docs are a really fun, playful, unexpected twist on traditional Docs, but they don't veer too far from the true roots of Doc boots. They're a step up from the traditional black Doc Marten boots I bought back in eighth grade (at the time, they were so expensive that I saved for months, and my mom chipped in the rest and told me I'd better wear them through college -- I only got rid of them last year... and I've been out of college a while). They're amplified, yet more mature nostalgia, and they were worth the pain.


Sal said...

Any chance you could post an outfit photo featuring these bad boys? I'd LOVE to see how you're wearing them!

J. said...

Love them! What an update! And how cool is it that you tweeted with Stacy London!

Tamron Lohan said...


Sal -- Oy. I'M SOOOO bad about taking my own pix and posting. Plus, do people even like that? Well, I guess I just answered that since you asked me for a pic! Next time I wear I will try to remember! But I wore them with this black Topshop top:

a bib necklace and lots of bracelets.

lunardancer said...

I can imagine a pole dancer outfitted in a military costume wearing this as she sways to the music of LadyGaga. They look really fashionable and unforgiving at the same time. It's a miracle that your toenails survived them.

Anonymous said...

I actually really like these very rock edge

Anonymous said...

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