Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Dress Steals: J. Crew Silk Sophia Gown

Errrrryone be gettin' hitched up in herre. My fiance's sister just got engaged, so we're off to HAWAII in just a few months for her beachside wedding. NOT mad at it! She's looking for a simple white dress, and I saw this one in the new J. Crew catalog (which, BEE TEE DUBS, I love ALMOST EVERYTHING IN! Ann Taylor isn't the only maje retailer that's stepped it ALL the way up! W2GJC!), and it's so simple and beautiful:

($395, J Crew)
It's the "Sophia" dress, and for under $400, you'd think it'd be cotton or jersey or something, but it's silk and it's beautiful, especially for a summery beach wedding. The dress is styled far better in the catalog -- the model is hunched over like a sad emo lady -- and is wearing a gorgeous statement necklace, which is what's so great about this necklace -- it's flattering in the high waist, and it's simple but not boring and a great canvas to personalize it with some beautiful, possibly bright (if you're me) accessories. Also, since the straps are thicker, it's perfect if you're a big-busted bride or for whatever boobs you do or don't have. Plus, the empire waist (versus mermaidy tightness) means you can have at it with the pizza without the punishment of Spanx. My own wedding dress is a similar style -- I've been doin' work on my arms, but a totally flat tum is just pretty much not in the cards for me.

Anyway, check out how pretty it is in grey too:
With some yellowy or magenta-y accessories? OMG. Beautastic.

($395, J. Crew)
Also gorgeous -- the Whitney silk dress with a pretty sash that actually doesn't suck.

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Antonio Barros said...

The first dress is amazing! Simple and yet very elegant! I love it!

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