Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Fashion Facts I Slept On: Rebecca Minkoff At Bluefly!!!!

Shame shame SHAME on me for not knowing that Bluefly.com has MAD Rebecca Minkoff bags!!!

($170, Rebecca Minkoff, Bluefly.com)
You ought to be adding this black-and-blue Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag post HASTE!

($285, Rebecca Minkoff, Bluefly.com)
SAMESIES for this black embossed suede Morning After Bag. So soft I could rest my head upon it and use it as a pillow.


Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Those kinda look like doggie bags. For carrying a little yapper in.

Anna Jane said...

Not so sure about the blue, but I love the Balenciaga-ishness of the second one. Looks kinda roomy and handy too.

- Anna Jane xxx

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