Monday, December 07, 2009

Someone SERIOUSLY Needs To Get These

I've been spending the past three or so hours looking for shoes for my wedding dress (gksafk;ssk;lfsdl!;jsa;dk;l). Four pairs later, hopefully one of those will be a winner. But on an unrelated note, I found these on Etsy, and SOMEONE out there needs to get them PRONTO!

($85, Vintage Donald Pliner,
... RIGHT?

(Stuart Weitzman,
And here are the shoes I hope work with my fucking dress.


missy said...

Hi girlies, Just found your blog ... love it! The shoes are beautiful, I love the top ones xx

Give my love to New York for me, love missy x

D&D said...

be still my heart? did you drop the f-bomb in regards to your wedding dress?

shut the front door.

Tamron Lohan said...

Dachsies -- MORE than you know, my friend. More. Than. You. Know.

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