Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gift Alert: Tracey Tanner

Just ran across these fabulous leather accessories by Tracey Tanner, thanks to one of my favorite wedding blogs (I still read just a few, okay?), East Side Bride. Tracey Tanner's leather wristbands, in particular, are totally badass and would make great gifts. A few of my faves, which would also make great gifts FOR ME, should you happen to be in the market for same:

Sparkle triple-wrap band, $45.

Space stud band, $35.

Mono square double-wrap band, $45.

Bar wristband, $35. You can get up to five rows of studs!

Scale wristband, $85.

Fin wristband, $45.

There are also small, medium, and large bags, wallets, pouches, etc.

Go get 'em!

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