Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is Chickdowntown Out Of Business?

My sources (uh... the Internet) point to YES.

According to a story posted on Pittsburghlive.com today, Chickdowntown.com was living on a $973,000 line of borrowed credit. Yikes. Chickdowntown.com's site is down, and the phone at the brick-and-mortar Pittsburgh store had been temporarily disconnected. Chickdowntown advertised in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue and had TV spots, which, you know, costs money.

Oddly the Chickdowntown Blog is still up and features some transparent posts (part of me feels bad reading it -- another indie boutique succumbs to the economy, but the other part of me is like HOW do you end up almost 1 million bucks over your head!!?!? Plus, the store's customer service record has been TERRIBLE.) Anyway, Founder Amy Reed jetted off to TWTRCON in DC this past October to represent "Real Time Brand," and though I don't know what's up with Chickdowntown as a brad, it very much sounds like Chickdowntown.com the site and e-commerce offerings went the way of Phi.

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