Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Shoes! Louise Goldin For Topshop Studded Heels

I wish Blogger had a "likes this" button. Because I'd be hitting it HARD over these Louise Goldin for Topshop studded heels.

They're $310 at The black and rose ones (the rose are my faves) are online February 5, and the cream ones are available beginning March 2010. All of the Louise Goldin heels hit Topshop in New York in late March.

OR, if you can't wait, pick up some Rock & Republic needle-heel Nika heels
($295, Rock & Republic,

... Or Kenna, the gorgeous boot version of Nika. It's on SUPER-DUPER sale at Shopbop.
($297, Rock & Republic,


Neck said...

Amazing! Look at it! This is a fantastic collection. I love all these shoes which are looking fabulous with the studs. Kick someone in trouble with you and the studs will do the rest! Just Kidding. Pretty unique design

Eric said...

I love these heels! The studs are very rock star. The boots are cool too. I really like the Rock and Republic spike heels.

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