Thursday, January 14, 2010

Urban Outfitters Is Really Doing Some Fantastic Things With Shoes Right Now

I'm feeling such primal urges toward shoe shopping right now. Mommy! What do my feelings mean? (Will I still be a virgin?) I think I need to fantasy shop to fulfill my urge to buy a shitton of shoes. Like just fill up a cart with these shoes, and then close it, the way ex-smokers will pretend to inhale a lit cigarette. Deep breaths, deep breaths. Okay... GO!

Um, hi. These neutral suede heels are just $48. It's like they WANT US TO BUY THEM or something! How sweet would these look with grey tights? They also come in grey, but they're SOLD OUT. BOO HISS!

($68, Deena & Ozzy,
Granted, I wouldn't be able to walk from my bedroom to my apartment door without falling in these wedges, but I would if I could. They remind me of Rick Owens' crazy platform wedges at one one-billionth of the price.

Eee! I LOVE a white macrame bootie! They remind me of the Steve Madden "Skiip" woven Oxfords I love and have worn into the ground.

($89.99, Matiko,
Is there anything more FOSSE than a black suede platform? IT'S SHOWTIME!


stylefyles said...

omg these are all fantastic. I love your top two choices the best.

And seriously, 48 buckaroos at UO?

I don't even recognize this world we're living in.

Erin said...

lmao. that's all i have to say. ooo and i want those wovens babies.

selinaoolala said...

hahaha that advert is a classic!

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