Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Boots!

After many weekends of thinking about it but not actually doing it, I finally made it over to Beacon's Closet with Carl's $42 credit slip. His unwise button-down choices = my wardrobe's gain. Pickin's were a little slim (and I don't just mean the jeans rack), but I did manage to come up with a trip-justifying purchase (involving no actual money changing hands, which, yay!):

I snatched up these 80%20 patent-leather Jackie hidden-wedge boots, which list at $200 and are on sale at Amazon for $56, for a cool $27. Perfect for gray, rainy, depresso days like today, especially when worn with a pop of color. And they're supercomfortable, too.

Hooray, resale!

In other news, 80%20 has shoes both reasonably cute and extreeeeeeemely questionable in their new spring line. I leave it to you to figure out which are which:

Molly Tea Party sandal-bootie thing. (There are many more versions of this style, just not quite as...floral.)

Marlee seersucker sneaker. Note the circle on the back of the heel. (Have I given my hand away? These are cute!)

Sadie seersucker wedge, $92.99. I honestly can't even tell with this one.

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shoptoomuch said...

The sneakers are adorable... Here comes springtime!

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