Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tightening My Belt

Truth be told, my actual belt probably couldn't get any tighter at the moment (ahem). I speak metaphorically. These vintage belts are RECESSIONISTA-friendly. Bet ya haven't heard that one in a while, huh? Jesus, what a horrible word. Anyway, some cheapish belts for ya:

Vintage brown belt, $28. This unusual asymmetrical belt has a bit of an equestrian vibe to it, no?

Gold arrows belt, $14. Those arrows are both gold and silver. No info on waist size other than "SM." It's like fashion roulette! Or you could email the seller, I guess.

Double-mouse belt, $45. Eek! Two mice! Very cute!

Simple brown belt, $16.

1 comment:

FlyBall Bags said...

thanks for the belt feature...
sweet blog

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