Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rah, Rah, Rachel Roy!

Michelle Obama likes Rachel Roy, so does Tyra Banks, and it turns out, so does Fashion Binge. Her newish diffusion line, Rachel Rachel Roy, can be found at Macy's and is a riot of bold colors, fun prints, and interesting (if not always successful) silhouettes. There's a bunch of cute pieces on sale, too, on the Rachel Roy website—plus an automatic 25% off at checkout. And free shipping! Alas, I couldn't resist. Latest purchases in a streak of recent spring shopping:

Looks like I got the last one of this Rachel Rachel Roy Combo Lace Dress, $48.74. The colors, the mixed materials, and the drawstring waist sealed the deal. Effortlessly cute.

Rachel Rachel Roy rolled cargo pants, $39.74. These could be a disaster, or they could be awesome. Fingers crossed.

And here's a bunch of other cuteness from the line that I haven't (as yet) stuffed into my overstuffed closet:

24-hour dress, $99. The slap-happy print is perfect for those who wouldn't even know where to find a canvas, let alone know their way around one, and the fit is easy but not slouchy. Splendid.

Bleeding Hearts blouse, $49.99. Wear your heart all over.

Belted shirtdress, $76.30. Think floral is too dowdy? Take a look at this kaleidoscopic version, and think again.

Oversized Bow dress, $89. Another chic, easy dress.

And if you're heartbroken that I got the last Combo Lace dress, here's a cami version, $40.99.

Whatever you do, don't get this as-seen-in-Lucky horrorshow:

Uneven shirtdress, $109.


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