Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camper Gets Cute

I've always wanted a pair of Camper shoes—theoretically, that is. But their molded soles and offbeat silhouettes were always just a little too...utilitarian? Boring? Just plain ugly? But this weekend I found my perfect Campers in a pair of striking yellow heels.

Camper Rachael wedge-ishes, $160. Wowzers. The architectural heel, the laser-sharp cutouts, THAT HEEL. Love! Bought! They also come in black. I can't wait to wear these.

I also considered these cool slingbacks in red, also $160, that go by the same name but are obviously a different shoe. But then I remembered I already have a pair of reddish wedges and went with the supercomfy foot-hugging yellow ones. But now I see that these also come in off white...

...and I still pine for a pair of off-white slingback wedges that I wore everywhere for at least two summers before they fell apart, and I fear I may have to make my second Camper purchase sooner than expected. But the red is so hot! What to do!

Camper is also well-known for their "twins" concept, where each shoe is slightly different from its mate. This one is supercute:

Twins flat sandals, $145. Is it picnic season yet?

As an added bonus, people are always saying Camper shoes are insanely comfortable. We shall see!


Fashion Therapist said...

I love those flat sandals...they would go perfectly with everything.

M said...

oh my my, these shoes look perfect for my tired feet. cute find, let us know if they are as comfortable as they say.

amateur couture

Lady of The Manor said...

Seriously. Those sandals are drool-worthy.I need them in my life....

Loving the work

Lady M :)x

gossip girl said...

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thankyou (:
xoxo gossip girl.

Yary and Sary said...

loving it!

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