Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camper Gets Cute

I've always wanted a pair of Camper shoes—theoretically, that is. But their molded soles and offbeat silhouettes were always just a little too...utilitarian? Boring? Just plain ugly? But this weekend I found my perfect Campers in a pair of striking yellow heels.

Camper Rachael wedge-ishes, $160. Wowzers. The architectural heel, the laser-sharp cutouts, THAT HEEL. Love! Bought! They also come in black. I can't wait to wear these.

I also considered these cool slingbacks in red, also $160, that go by the same name but are obviously a different shoe. But then I remembered I already have a pair of reddish wedges and went with the supercomfy foot-hugging yellow ones. But now I see that these also come in off white...

...and I still pine for a pair of off-white slingback wedges that I wore everywhere for at least two summers before they fell apart, and I fear I may have to make my second Camper purchase sooner than expected. But the red is so hot! What to do!

Camper is also well-known for their "twins" concept, where each shoe is slightly different from its mate. This one is supercute:

Twins flat sandals, $145. Is it picnic season yet?

As an added bonus, people are always saying Camper shoes are insanely comfortable. We shall see!


Fashion Therapist said...

I love those flat sandals...they would go perfectly with everything.

M said...

oh my my, these shoes look perfect for my tired feet. cute find, let us know if they are as comfortable as they say.

amateur couture

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Those sandals are drool-worthy.I need them in my life....

Loving the work

Lady M :)x

gossip girl said...

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thankyou (:
xoxo gossip girl.

Yary and Sary said...

loving it!

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