Friday, May 21, 2010

Lovely People's Lovely Shoes

After snapping up two pairs of shoes at Shoes for Lovely People's one-day sample sale yesterday, it's safe to say I don't need to buy any more summer shoes. The sale was weird, taking place largely in a hallway and smelling, oddly, of b.o. (nasty!). Or was it f.o.? On the plus side, there was cake. And broccoli. Eclectic! The sale started at 5:30 and was well underway by the time I strolled in a few minutes past 6. There wasn't a ton of merchandise, but I nevertheless managed to snag the following cute sandals:

Lovely People Mariane wedge in black, $40 at sale; $99.99 at Sears right now. I love the mix of patent leather and suede, and the contrast of the patent with the rope wedge. Four inches, and comfy, too!

I wasn't totally in love with these Fiona sandals, $40 at sale; $50 at Endless, in a bunch of colors. But one can never have enough summer sandals, especially ones with slight heels, and I love red shoes, and so: purchased. Yay!

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