Friday, May 21, 2010

Skinny Cargo Pant Party

I'm a little late, but: Have you heard about these things? The pants that Bloomingdale's can't keep in stock and have sold 75,000 pairs of? I've definitely seen some ladies in these pants, and I have to say, they look damn good. (Check out the Sea of Shoes chick in them.)

J Brand Houlihans, $230.

But what's a girl who's morally and practically opposed to paying $230 for a pair of trendy pants, no matter how "very flattering" they are, to do?

Shhhh. Victoria's Secret has a similar pair on sale for about a tenth of the price. Skinny cargo pant in stretch twill, $29.99.

Or, if it's just too hot for your skinny ass out there, try a cargo skirt:

Silk cargo skirt, $19.99.


Anonymous said...

...I hope they have stretch.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

They do. Both the J Brands (2 percent, I think it said) and Vicky's.

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