Wednesday, June 02, 2010

At Arm's Length: What's On My Wrist And In My Bag?

I usually don't take and post my own photos. I'm a HORRENDOUS photographer, and I'm not the world's most photogenic girl. The camera doesn't hate me, and it doesn't love me. It's more like "eh?" Indifferent. I'm an adult. I know and accept this about myself. But I was kinda into my bangle selection and nail polish the other day, so I snapped a quick pic, which of course, my dumb cat Rory jumped into. The camera loves him. Anyway, here's what was going on:

+ Green polish: Avon Nailwear Pro in Jade -- This was my first-ever foray into Avon nail polishes, and WOAH, Johnny. This is one of the best polishes I've used in forevs + 1 day. The formula is smooth, and streak- and clump-free AND it dries quickly. Perhaps most satisfying of all, unlike most polishes which chip off after one shower, this one was going strong for days. And the muted, vintagey green apple shade is, um, so a-ppealing if you'll pardon the horrible pun. Look for Avon Nailwear Pro's Jade shade coming soon.
+ Beige polish: Revlon's new Grey Suede from their Daydreamer Collection. I love the grey-brown beige shade (as well as Daydreamer's Peach Petal color), and I'm currently wearing it on my toes and nails, but the formula was really gloopy and clumpy. Boo.

+ Top bangle: Jessica Kagan Cushman's wonderful engraved resin scrimshaw bracelet. This one says "Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain." Perfect metaphor for so many moments of my waking hours that I can't control. Appropriately, her "Never Never Never Never Give Up" bracelet seems like the perfect complement. And it goes without saying that the "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner" bracelet is probably the greatest statement ever engraved onto anything, in the entire history of engraving. (I'd even venture to leverage that statement against the stone cold tablets of the 10 Commandments, but I'm all about the golden rule, so I won't push it.)
+ Middle gold bracelets: They're not at all real gold, but the first one is from a Brooklyn flea market. I think I paid $10 for it. Worth every cent. The other is a fake-gold ID bracelet engraved with name, with a heart punched out. I got this when I turned 13 and lived in Florida. I never take it off.

($60, Steven Shein,
+ Silver bangle: Steven Shein flecked bracelet in silver! This was a recent acquisition and I love it more and more every day. It's made of resin and wood, and it's laser cut to absolute perfection. I keep taking it off and marveling at the handiwork.
+ Animal print bangle: Ted Rossi. It's snakeskin, the perfect size for stacking, and it's gotten better as it's been lived in, typed in, clattered and clanged upon. (Check out Ted's black denim tye-die bracelets. Increds!)

Now, onto what's in my bag!

The fabulous and inimitable Dina Fierro, who founded and masterfully executes Eye4Style, does her usual exhaustingly thorough and straight-up smart job of style blogging on the regulars. We also have shockingly similar taste in jewelry. (Just yesterday we shared a moment, dreaming of forearms stacked with Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles, discretion be damned!) I allowed her to rifle and rummage through my handbag for her "What's In HER Bag" blog series. Enjoy a look into my life. Or at least my bag.

+ Disclosure: The Avon and Revlon polishes and the Ted Rossi and Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles were all gifts.


Rach Rob said...

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Mika Gallagher said...

wooow i love your bangles! they are stunning.
btw check out my blog;
and give me an advice!!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Disclosure: You have too many bracelets on! How the hell do you type in all those???

D&D said...

'because i be ashy' - too funny.

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