Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Chill Out, J Brand! Hudson's Doing Skinny Cargos Too, Mkay?

Remems back a few Fridays ago when Catherine posted about lots of fashiony types sharting themselves over J Brand's Houlihan skinny cargo pants and how Bloomingdale's practically exploded trying to keep them in stock? Well, everyone, please calm down and take your seats. Because Hudson Jeans is quietly doing pretty much the same thing, okay?

Observe: Hudson Jeans' Skinny Cargo Pocket Jean from their fully covet-worthy Resurrection line, which is all military inspired.

($305, Hudson,

SickaThanAverage has a great round-up of all of Hudson's Spring 2010 collection, including Resurrection and DIY, which has exposed zippers like you would not believe.

AND, check out Rich & Skinny's Cargo leggings, if you're still serious about skinny cargos:
($172, Rich & Skinny,
How great would these look with a chunky cream-colored cowl-neck sweater, or a big, boss black sweater?

And if skinny cargos bring out the "aw hell no!" in you, might I suggest some of my all-time favorite, most-comfiest jeans? Hudson's Signature Bootcut Jeans in a light wash. They're kitty-cat soft and hang purrrfectly on my hips, to further the cat symbolism.

($176, Hudson,

(* Disclosure: I was gifted the Hudson Bootcut jeans. But I really do love them.)

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Fashion For Love said...

I saw these in a mag last night but I'm not sure how I feel about them yet..I never liked cargo pants in the first place so this is EH to me.

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