Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bargain Binge: Fire Floral Romper

($22.99, Fire, Tillys.com)
If you're really quiet, you can almost hear this floral romper crying out "add to cart!" It's by Fire, a junior brand based in LA. I really appreciate how this sweet little romper comes in many variations on "floral," and there are many variations, lest you travel through life blissfully unaware of the wide plane upon which florals can exist! I'm partial to the mustard and bluebird colors above, but check out the '90s riot grrl possibilities of the rompers below:

I'm really into how these are summer pieces but have a fall feel. Because you know, with a romper, I'm big into winterizing with a black turtleneck (generally I LOATHE turtlenecks, but I'll make an exception for black ones), black tights, and distressed denim jacket or safari jacket and some chunky black boots. Anyway, BUY! They're practically GIVING 'em away.


Anonymous said...

Oh... Ohhh... I love me some rompers!! These are everything I love about tacky 90s prints. Bought a couch for $30 at a yard sale in a very similar print... turns out it looks better on rompers.

Kate said...

I love love LOVE these- they're gorgeous! Not what I'd normally wear but for that price I'd give it a go!


beechiegirl1953 said...

I LOVE the look of these rompers, as they are exactly what I have been looking for for two whole days! I see that these posts are three years old, so I guess these rompers are no longer available. I can't imagine why they aren't still available. My daughter and I would buy five or six of them between us! Does anyone know where they can be bought, or something very, very similar to these?

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