Friday, August 13, 2010

Haus Of Price Sells Seashell Shoes At Stanton James

($239, Haus of Price,
Would I wear these sea shell-covered booties by the fantastic Haus Of Price? WOULD I? Not only would I wear them, but I'd send out a PRESS RELEASE announcing I was wearing them, and then I'd call you and follow up to make sure you got the press release and KNEW I was wearing them.

Um, Haus of Price, I want to MOVE INTO you. These booties are SO cray-cray wackadoo '70s (meets '90s!). These are the shoes Carole King would've been wearing on her "Tapestry" cover, had she been wearing shoes.

Also, OBVIOUSLY this is one of the best album covers EVER -- Carole is STONE-COLD LAMPIN' in the most comfy-looking jeans, her hair is TOTALLY natural (DOIN' IT for curly-haired ladies!), and um, do I even need to point out the cat holdin' it down in the foreground?

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