Saturday, August 14, 2010

I ALMOST Bought These Serfontaine Jeans (And Still Might)

I stopped by the perfectly lovely Kaight boutique in the Lower East Side. It's an eco-friendly boutique, but I'd call it more eco-forward, since it's got really cute stuff that isn't all hemp-y/ Hare Krishna looking, you know? Like eco-friendly stuff -- Melissa troupe + Alexander Herchoivch Oxford wedges and the like -- that doesn't look like it was stitched together from corn husks found on the ground at a farmer's market. (Look, I get HIGH off of recycling and energy efficient light bulbs and reusing stuff. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing against preserving the planet. I just don't wanna dress like it.)

Anyway, the shop is sweet, as are the employees, and I fell in love with a great pair of Serfontaine jeans.

($152, Serfontaine,
They were. SO. EFFING. COMFORTABLE. It was like sitting in a perfectly worn catcher's mitt made of denim. In a good way. They felt absolutely custom-made for my ass and mine alone. And I LOVED the slightly dusty, semi-'70s medium rinse. And they were soft as a kitten's ear. I rolled them down since I'm 5'2" and certainly can't do the denim capri look without look like a dwarf (side note: I'm NOT into the denim capri look at all anyway). Remarkably, I left without buying them, only because I wasn't in love with the cut of the ankle, which was a little too wide.

Kaight had them on sale for $132. Looks like Kaight doesn't offer Serfontaine online, but if you're into Serfontaine jeans -- and you should be! -- has a ton.

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Nickk said...

oooh i love the wash on these jeans, and the cut around the thighs looks really flattering, which can be really hard to find. especially in eco-choc

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