Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello, Hello Kitty Doc Martens

Doc Martens and Hello Kitty are throwing a joint birthday party, and you know that rarely works out the way you want it to. One person will invite more friends, but more of the other person's friends will end up showing up, and then it's awkward when everyone doesn't like mesh well, and you don't even end up having fun because since everyone isn't just magically gel-ing, you have to introduce everyone and it kind of ends up feeling lame, and the drinks were too expensive, and you really didn't want to have your party in the Upper East Side anyway. That's definitely the last year you're doing that.

The point is, joint birthdays rarely work, but these Hello Kitty Doc Martens are pretty effing precious. But, like most licensed apparel, should ONLY be worn if you were born after 1994. And/or spend all of your free time on LiveJournal.

($165, Doc Martens,

($135, Doc Martens,

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1 comment:

Caryl-Mair said...

I have to admit that they are very Unique. And from an honest point of view, I doubt many people will wear such shoes, even people born after 1994 (such as myself).

But they're pretty cute (even if they look like a pre-schooler vomited on them)

-Caryl Mair x

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