Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two PERFECT Charlie Girl Silky Tops For Fall

I love a silky top like it's my damn vocation. They feel easy breezy in the summer when you wanna "fance it up" a bit but don't want to melt, Wicked Witch style, in a pool of your own perspiration. And they're the BEST to layer with in the fall, with a leather jacket and some black skinny jeans. Oh yeah, and I also get lots of questions about what to wear with booties or ankle boots -- ding ding ding! A long, loose silky shirt, skinny jeans, and some great black or grey booties. Or, tuck it into a pair of well-tailored wide-legged trousers for a Marlene Dietrich/ modern-day Charlie Girl look.

($174, Gemma, Farfetch.com)
OY. LOVE the watercolory interpretation of snakeskin on silk.

($68, KNT By Kova & T, UrbanOutfitters.com)
SeriouslyK, PLEASE wear this with a leather jacket or chunky black motorcycle boots so as to avoid looking like a referee. Or an employee of Foot Locker.

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