Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Again! Bad News!

Hi Bingers.

I've been slightly AWOL from FashionBinge for the past two weeks. I was in LA for the VMAs (fun! Kanye West is actually pretty hot in person -- super buff!), but also because while I was out there, one of my two beloved kitties, Simone, unfortunately passed away very unexpectedly. I found out about it WHILE I WAS ON THE PLANE to LA and spent about four hours bawling, from Queens to about half past Colorado or so. She was the lovely, extraordinary little peaches-and-cream colored cat my husband and I owned with Beauty Blogging Junkie's Amber, who wrote a fitting tribute. Sim got sick and had to be put to sleep, all within an awful few days. The worst. The absolute worst. She had no pain. Only a terrible cancer that silently ate away at her spinal cord, only revealing itself until it was clearly too late and the decision had unfortunately been made for us. All we could do was take what would've become her terrible pain and make it our own.

But we will only remember her as the chirpy, silly, sweet little eager-to-please kitty she was. And a pristine little lady, a fast runner, a lover of TV, ice cubes, headbutting, and licking the bathtub, the queen of stretching and snuggling, and a totally shameless alpha who had no problem moving right in and demoting our boy cat, Rory, from the bed to the floor.

We only had her for one and a half of her 8-plus years, but we were really blessed to have so much furry joy in our lives, even for a short period of time. I picture her having kitty cocktail parties up in heaven, driving around in a pink convertible, wearing a head scarf and glasses, with all of her many friends. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I don't care. She'll always be in our hearts, and she'll always be our shining star.

Here are a few photos of sweet Simone, healthy, and always happy.


Alison said...

Aww, what an adorable girl! So sorry for your loss; losing a pet is horrible. I think your following post is a great tribute!

Faith J. said...

What a gorgeous little cat! I want to cry at your heartfelt post. I had both my elderly cats die in 2007, and I still miss them. Cats rule! Thanks for sharing about Simone with us. I know she had a great life here on earth with people to love her.

Camille @ NeverNaked said...

Sorry for you kitty loss I miss my dog everyday! I hope you have happy kitty memories xoxo camille

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