Monday, September 20, 2010

Spotlight: Laurel Wells Jewelry

Laurel Wells must be one of the coolest fashion designers ever to grace my inbox. After three years as head of apparel design for Hayden-Harnett (the amazing fall 2010 collection was her last for the line, a Fashion Binge fave many years over), the designer is returning to the solo game with a new collection of amazing statement necklaces inspired by Native American crafts. Each unique piece is a handmade gem of dip-dyed rayon accentuated with soft feathers, barely there chains, and/or cool beading. These necklaces are meant to steal the show—wear them with just a white tee and a simple skirt, and you are fabulous. Covetousness starts now:

Chilcotin necklace, $96.

Flint necklace, $86.

Nantahala necklace, $96.

Ocoee necklace, $224.

Buy them all (or just buy me one!) at Laurel Wells Jewelry.


ITF Style Reporter Sarah Schneider said...

I am officially in LOVE with the Flint necklace! They're all really gorgeous. Please visit my new blog, InTrend Fashion. It is mostly about German fashion, but it has a lot of other stylish things in the mix. Thanks.

Oh, and I really love your blog!

Anonymous said...

wow they are amazing necklaces, loving the feathers.

we also love your blog, keep up the good work

h&b xo

L. said...

ARE YOU GETTING ONE? I'm ready to buy. Then I get doubtful. Have you actually worn one over said t-shirt? Tell. xo, Leanne

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