Sunday, November 28, 2010

Solestruck Is Having A Big Shoe Sale. HUGE.

Guise! Solestruck is having a MASSIVE shoe sale. Get 50% off of any sale shoes with promo code FP72HMPZF. Through Monday!

($279, Maurie & Eve,
Sadly these Maurie & Eve leopard wedges weren't on sale, but I did get these Rocket Dog Otto heels in white leather. Because you can never have enough of those!

($191, Matt Bernson,
I paused briefly to consider these Matt Bernson Ripcord wedges because they're like $80, but I took a pass since I'm terrified of high wedges.

($19.95, Rocket Dog,
These were like $9. I mean, come on. Anyway, Solestruck also has free shipping for return customers, and you can opt to ship your shoes in an earth-friendly box. Now go forth and consume!

1 comment:

Girl Behind the Makeup said...

Love the Matt Bernson wedges! So cute! They look like they would actually be comfy too.

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